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Unforgettable moment in Paris

I believe that happiness loves silence. That’s why I do not talk too much about my private life on my social media accounts. But today I woke up and I realized that I need to share with you my feelings and emotions. I realized that I really need to talk to you, guys.

Me and my boyfriend Lev, we know each other for ages. When we met for the first time, I have already known he was the one. We were so young but I had no doubts, not even for a second. During the 7th year of being together, we passed through so many ups and downs. Sometimes it seemed that our love was impossible. We lived in different cities and different counties, and as we were students we could not see each other often. I took a camera and stared to shoot people because not seeing him everyday, not having a possibility to talk to him eye to eye or just hug him was hurting so much. He was supporting me all the time. When I wanted to give up, Lev never allowed me to do so. He continued to repeat that we would overpass all difficulties soon. We just have to do what we have never done before. He was right. He is always right. Since I found my path and quit my job for blogging we started to live together in Paris.

This autumn I traveled a lot. I was in England, France, Italy and Switzerland but my heart is always where my love lives. I missed Lev all the time and it was really hard to concentrate on my job.

After a break for my travels, we came back to Paris together a couple weeks ago and stayed in my favorite InterContinental Paris Le Grand near Opera Garnier in Paris. I was so excited about upcoming shootings at the hotel’s ballroom, full of lights, historic Café de la Paix and amazing balcony with a stunning Opera view. As usually before I went to sleep I called Lev to tell him my everyday stories, who I met, where I stayed, what I chose for breakfast. You know, these small talks, about everything and nothing at the same time. And of course, I wanted to share with him my plans of taking pictures, asked couple of his suggestions and wished him goodnight.
Breakfast is my favorite part of the day, so the next morning I was waiting for one of the most delicious “petit déjeuner” in Paris with orange juice, croissants and fruits.
After it finally arrived, we decided to eat on the hotel’s balcony with a killing view. I was so happy that he was there for me. We were enjoying that peaceful moment of sharing morning pancakes together. Suddenly, Lev looked at me seriously and told me that he wants to help my dreams to come true day by day since that very moment.
And that is how I told “yes” to the love of my life.

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