The ultimate New York at Top of the Rock

I am sure that all of you have watched one of the iconic Christmas movies like «Elf», «Home Alone», «Bad Santa», « The Grinch» at least once and most of you is watching all of them during the whole month of December from year to year because they have become our favourite American comedies to inspire with Christmas feeling before the main celebrations. Partially because of these movies, we decided to go to New York for holiday season which is famous for enchanting shows and the incredible beauty of the Christmas decorations because who does not want to feel like the hero of those movies?

Walking through the streets of New York a couple of days before Christmas and New Year is a great way to immerse in the fabulous atmosphere of these holidays but I would arguably call New York the best destination for Christmas. Yes, it’s insanly beautiful but it is probably the busiest time in the city even though a lot of New Yorkers leave to spend holidays with families, millions of tourists from all over the world flood New York in December. We felt a little bit uncomfortable to walk outside especially in the evenings sometimes I felt claustrophobic. Most of the main streets were closed because of the huge number of people walking outside so we found ourselves stuck on the sidewalks which made it hard to enjoy the views and vitrines.

For this reason, we decided to go out in the city only in the early morning hours and preferably to go up on the viewing points in the skyscrapers to avoid the crowds. We booked a morning time slot to meet the sunrise on the Top of the Rock. When we got on the TOP it instantly became our favourite spot in the city! The terrace offered a wonderful view of the whole Manhattan – from the Statue of Liberty to the end of Central Park. In addition to that, TOP is the only place where you can see the Empire State Building. Once we reached the upper terrace, it felt surreal. I couldn’t stop playing “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys in my head.

Of course, we wanted to make some pictures for the Gram, so I chose to wear a rather chic outfit than a casual style that I wore for sightseeing. I went for the Valley dress from Three Floor cut from embroidered silky mesh, featuring gold coloured leaves. I love A-Line dresses in midi as I feel that they are the most flattering for my body type and height. The wavy sleeves also made a point when I was choosing my outfit as it was more appropriate for outside shooting in winter. I am sure that every girl has a pair of shoes that look gorgeous but are only worn for “special occasions” like my Raye from Revolve. Oh Gosh, how beautiful are they? And they fit almost every outfit! As a New Year’s resolution, I decided to wear high heels in my daily life more often as I have dozens of pairs but I get to wear them only a couple of times a year. To make the look ultimately classy, I chose my badass Chanel gloves that I have for a few years now.

I hope you will enjoy Top of the Rock as much as we did and you can find out the whole outfit linked below. xo, Katie.

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