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Small talks in London

I will never forget the time when I moved to France. The first months were really exciting and new, yet they were a little bit cold and lonely. Fortunately, my Instagram suddenly and unexpectedly started to connect me with my people.

Once Marga, a girl from London, wrote a sweet and kind comment under my photo, I opened her page on Instagram, read couple of her posts and realized that not only we have so much in common but in some way we are really connected with each other. That’s why without any hesitation I bought my first ever ticket to London and came to visit her. And if friendship from the first sight exists, it was it.

Two years passed since that time. Margarita is now one of my closest friends and my partner on Instagram crime. Every time I come to London we spend unforgettable moments laughing a lot and planning our dreams to come true.

When I was in London month ago, we were looking for some amazing and peaceful place for a sincere conversation and finally we found The Ivy Tower Bridge restaurant. It’s been a long time we did not see each other so we had a lot of great news to discuss.
First of all, we have chosen this elegant restaurant for it’s magnificent view. For sure, The Ivy Tower Bridge became our special guest at that relaxed evening.
As I could not imagine my life without seafood and fish, I not only chose tuna with truffles and potatoes for myself but also recommended Margo to try one of the most delicious lobsters in the world. That is really awesome when you could share your gustatory tastes with your friend. What could be better than quiet classy place with candles and perfect food when you are ready to tell all your secrets?
And once again and again I want to thank my life for giving me that incredible chance to meet my people all over the world because you should never ever stop believing in yourself and your wishes.

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