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  • Fall Outfits 2020, Trendy and Casual

    Fall Outfits 2020: Trendy and Casual. Wish list for Fall in Paris

    A bigger half of the year 2020 is gone and fall has already arrived! Can you believe it?

    The time flew so fast for me with the lockdown and summer road trips this year. I almost didn’t see the fall coming especially with those extremely warm September days. The temperatures dropped drastically this week, so I had to dust off my sweaters and boots and to admit that I need to get my […] More

  • What should I wear today - Parisian Fashion Fall Autumn 2020-2
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    What Should I Wear Today? Parisian Fashion 2020: Outfits to Wear Before The Fall Hits

    Well, the way I see, September is the last month of summer, so I am pretty sure with what to wear today. I hope that you enjoy this month’s recap! Fingers crossed next month will be filled with even more fabulous fall outfit ideas!

    I wasn’t sure that I will be able to wear all my cute summer outfits at the beginning of the season. I am at the point where I expect the world to be quarantined at any time again but we made it through August yay! There was no time to wear boring clothes, so this […] More