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Christmas journey: the most beautiful gifts and fabulous mood at Galleries Lafayette

For more than 100 years, Galleries Lafayette has been the home of Christmas, inviting us to dig into the warm feelings of a festive mood, exciting gifts wrapped in shiny colored paper, and delicious smell of bakery and salty caramel. This year the Gallery has done everything to make the holiday season unforgettable. That is why the legendary Parisian department store was the first place I went to, when coming back to the French capital after my recent trip.

The first thing that you notice is fabulous window displays, covered on all sides with queues of parents and their little children: everyone wants to take a closer look at the fascinating installations. This year a story unfolds around two loving doves Pierre and Coco.

I pass through the front doors I get to the department store – and then I spread into a smile: in front of me right in the center of the Galleries under the famous blue stained-glass dome rises a “sweet” Christmas tree of countless huge candy balls.

On the first floor there is a “Gallery of gifts”. Here you can find everything you need to create a New Year’s mood at home: from installations, Christmas decor and toys to flowers and teddy bears.

For the holidays in this year world-know brands like De Moynat, Celine, Gucci, Prada, MIU MIU, Burberry and many others prepared limited collections of handbags in warm Christmas colors exclusively for the Galleries Lafayette. I want to take everything!

On the second floor you can use the concierge services, relax in a soft chair and drink hot tea. Here you can also benefit from the services of a professional shopper and receive a holiday gift: if your purchase exceeds 50 euros, Galleries Lafayette gifts a set of French delicacies in “Gourmet Box”.

It is already noon, which means it’s time to eat. “If you want to conquer France – attack during lunch,” after Monsieur Charles de Gaulle. Well, today I’m probably just eat, without conquests, so I’m going to the Lafayette Gourmet, the grocery department store of the Galleries.

Gallery Gourmet is, paraphrasing Hemingway, a moveable feast that stay with you during breakfast, lunch and dinner. The spirit of Christmas here reigns in the air filled with the flavors of cinnamon and spices, in elegant desserts from all around the world, decorated by the best pastry chefs for Christmas. Bright macaroons, the best foie gras producers, the French “Christmas log”, delicious truffles and delicacies – it is impossible to choose one thing. But I still make an order and go to celebrate a good day with dinner, overlooking the whole of Paris.

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