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    Luxury Winter Sale

    Genuine Luxury Goods without the Premium Price Tag

    True luxury goods are amazing: the best materials, the finest craftsmanship – all in all, the best money can buy. Maybe you’re convinced you can’t afford the finest quality… so you’ve never tried to find out if it’s possible. If that’s you – stop limiting yourself. The luxury items can have discounts and now it is […] More

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    Shop 2021 Trends Under 100 EUR

    It’s finally 2021, and I prepared for you a list of the five coolest fashion trends of the year. If you are still on the hunt for staple pieces to add to your wardrobe for 2021, this article will guide you through the journey. We are only a few days into 2021. So, let’s start […] More


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    Black Friday Fashion Deals not to miss!

    There are only 29 days left until Christmas! I can’t believe how fast time flies. Black Friday is just around the corner, many brands have started the pre-sales and prolonged the Black Friday deals, but do not put off the gift shopping for long because the best pieces are always the first to sell out. […] More

  • Holiday Gift guide for her - 42 ideas for 2020-2021
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    Holiday Gift Guide For Her – 42 ideas for 2020/2021

    It is certain that the holidays will look different this year, as we continue to spend more time at home. Some of us will be able to join small family gatherings for the first time outside Zoom and FaceTime while many will be spending holidays without their family for the first time in years. Either […] More

  • Fall Outfits 2020, Trendy and Casual

    Fall Outfits 2020: Trendy and Casual. Wish list for Fall in Paris

    A bigger half of the year 2020 is gone and fall has already arrived! Can you believe it?

    The time flew so fast for me with the lockdown and summer road trips this year. I almost didn’t see the fall coming especially with those extremely warm September days. The temperatures dropped drastically this week, so I had to dust off my sweaters and boots and to admit that I need to get my […] More

  • What should I wear today - Parisian Fashion Fall Autumn 2020-2
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    What Should I Wear Today? Parisian Fashion 2020: Outfits to Wear Before The Fall Hits

    Well, the way I see, September is the last month of summer, so I am pretty sure with what to wear today. I hope that you enjoy this month’s recap! Fingers crossed next month will be filled with even more fabulous fall outfit ideas!

    I wasn’t sure that I will be able to wear all my cute summer outfits at the beginning of the season. I am at the point where I expect the world to be quarantined at any time again but we made it through August yay! There was no time to wear boring clothes, so this […] More

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    The ultimate New York at Top of the Rock

    I am sure that all of you have watched one of the iconic Christmas movies like «Elf», «Home Alone», «Bad Santa», « The Grinch» at least once and most of you is watching all of them during the whole month of December from year to year because they have become our favourite American comedies to inspire […] More

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    5 tips for the best picnic in Paris

    I have not been in Paris for a while since I was traveling the whole summer, and I should admit that I’ve missed this city a lot. I, finally, had a great opportunity to come back to my beloved city in autumn for a project for Cartier. Autumn in Paris is really special. First of all, […] More

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    Best transitional outfits

    Your tear-off calendar finally shows March and you are ready to dig your light summer dresses and a pair of sandals out of the back of your closet? Don’t let the bright sun fool you – winter is not quite gone yet! Like the Terminator and those kilos you’d lost on an unhealthy mono diet, […] More

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    5 perfect outfits for Parisian spring

    It is time to pack your chunky knitwear away because winter is finally over! With the temperatures rising and the sun shining brighter, springtime is delightful anywhere, but in Paris it is truly magical. Spring is probably the best season to visit the city, so you can see trees bursting into bloom, peacefully relax with […] More

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    Faux fur coats for winter looks

    Fur coats from different colors and models are flooding street style of fashion weeks and do not go out of trend for the last few seasons. Bright fur coats are on trend the last few years. All kinds of styles and colors, they flooded the podiums and streets. As natural fur coat may look too […] More