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  • What should I wear today - Parisian Fashion Fall Autumn 2020-2
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    What Should I Wear Today? Parisian Fashion 2020: Outfits to Wear Before The Fall Hits

    Well, the way I see, September is the last month of summer, so I am pretty sure with what to wear today. I hope that you enjoy this month’s recap! Fingers crossed next month will be filled with even more fabulous fall outfit ideas!

    I wasn’t sure that I will be able to wear all my cute summer outfits at the beginning of the season. I am at the point where I expect the world to be quarantined at any time again but we made it through August yay! There was no time to wear boring clothes, so this […] More

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    5 things you must know before you go to Paris

    Paris is an extraordinary place to visit during any season of the year. The city of love has unique attractions to offer catering to virtually every taste. For those visiting for the first time, however, the wide variety of places to go and see, not to mention the language barrier can make the planning of […] More

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    5 tips for the best picnic in Paris

    I have not been in Paris for a while since I was traveling the whole summer, and I should admit that I’ve missed this city a lot. I, finally, had a great opportunity to come back to my beloved city in autumn for a project for Cartier. Autumn in Paris is really special. First of all, […] More

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    Spring in Paris: the best viewing spots for blossom season

    Are you eager to see Paris in full bloom? Throughout the months of March and April, thousands of trees across Paris and all over France burst in different shades of white and pink, bathing the land in my favourite colour. Paris during spring blossom has long been underestimated by the people across the globe until […] More

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    Forgotten museums of Paris

    According to some sacred law, Paris will always be the world’s capital of the painting and art. The shadows of artists and writers who create the unique atmosphere of the French capital as well as the feeling that the city prepares you for a new surprise and discovery walk along the streets in a noiseless […] More

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    Unforgettable moment in Paris

    I believe that happiness loves silence. That’s why I do not talk too much about my private life on my social media accounts. But today I woke up and I realized that I need to share with you my feelings and emotions. I realized that I really need to talk to you, guys. Me and […] More