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  • Holiday Gift guide for her - 42 ideas for 2020-2021
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    Holiday Gift Guide For Her – 42 ideas for 2020/2021

    It is certain that the holidays will look different this year, as we continue to spend more time at home. Some of us will be able to join small family gatherings for the first time outside Zoom and FaceTime while many will be spending holidays without their family for the first time in years. Either […] More

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    5 tips for the best picnic in Paris

    I have not been in Paris for a while since I was traveling the whole summer, and I should admit that I’ve missed this city a lot. I, finally, had a great opportunity to come back to my beloved city in autumn for a project for Cartier. Autumn in Paris is really special. First of all, […] More

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    Top 5 most Instagrammable cafes in London

    London is full of beautiful places where you could take breathtaking pictures. You can find all the touristic spots such as Westminster Abbey, the Tower, or Big Ben in any tour guide yet not here. As London is one the most photogenic destinations, I will show you secret and charming spots to visit and to capture […] More

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    France: the lavender fields of Provence

    If you’re lucky enough to visit the South of France in summer, don’t miss a chance to see the nearby lavender growing regions. For me two words “Provence” and “lavender” have become inseparable, so I hardly imagine one without the other: the lavender farms burst into vivid purple colour spreading heavenly delicate fragrances that, for sure, […] More

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    Our wedding in Sicily: Katie and Lev

    It was on the small island Favignana in Sicily on October, 2 that we took the plunge, swore undying love and proclaimed devotion to each other in front of our friends and family. In a lush garden of a former quarry, under an evergreen tree, we became… Drumroll, please! We became husband and wife. It […] More

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    Unforgettable moment in Paris

    I believe that happiness loves silence. That’s why I do not talk too much about my private life on my social media accounts. But today I woke up and I realized that I need to share with you my feelings and emotions. I realized that I really need to talk to you, guys. Me and […] More

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    Small talks in London

    I will never forget the time when I moved to France. The first months were really exciting and new, yet they were a little bit cold and lonely. Fortunately, my Instagram suddenly and unexpectedly started to connect me with my people. Once Marga, a girl from London, wrote a sweet and kind comment under my […] More