Best transitional outfits

Your tear-off calendar finally shows March and you are ready to dig your light summer dresses and a pair of sandals out of the back of your closet? Don’t let the bright sun fool you – winter is not quite gone yet! Like the Terminator and those kilos you’d lost on an unhealthy mono diet, it will definitely be back.

It is no secret that spring weather can be quite fickle. Slight drizzle, heavy fog, thunderstorm and then there is a bright sun again – such is springtime in Paris. However, it would be a shame to miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the city just because the weather is bad. That is why it is crucial to prepare transitional outfits for spring. Such as…


So one minute the sun is shining brightly and the sky is blue and clear, yet the next minute dark clouds are gathering over the horizon and it is raining heavily.  Murphy’s law dictates this nasty change has to occur just when you are going out for a walk. Well, be it a light drizzle or a torrential downpour, I am not the girl who will alter her plans just because of the weather conditions. Even more so since Paris is the most beautiful in the rain (Woody Allen would agree with me). A true Parisian girl is never afraid of bad weather since she knows she can look absolutely stunning even standing in the pouring rain. If she has a stylish raincoat of course. There are myriad cuts and color schemes of this practical outerwear. All the designs are unified by clean lines and the elegant simplicity of a raincoat so either you choose a waterproof cotton jacket or prefer to get yourself a rubberized coat with a hood, you will be protected from any vagaries of the spring weather without having to lug around an umbrella. Maybe you’d also like to consider a colorful slicker like the one you wore in childhood. A blue or yellow raincoat would brighten up a gloomy landscape. But be sure to keep away from red balloons and watch out for Pennywise. Just in case.

2. Boots

Unfortunately, it is too cold yet for flats and sandals, so you will have to wear boots for a little longer. Well, not that monstrous and heavy snow boots! Either suede or leather, ankle or over-the-knee, in spring you can create dozens of chic outfits with a pair of boots. You can casually tuck your jeans into mid-calf boots, you can wear a bulky sweater and a short skirt with cowboy boots to get a cozy yet glamorous look or pair a long dress with classic ankle boots – the number of fashion combinations is practically limitless.

3. Chunky Sweaters

There is a slight chill in the air so maybe don’t pack away your knitwear just yet. Being a 100% winter piece of clothing, a chunky sweater can be balanced out by pairing it with a short skirt or layering it over a light dress.

4. Leather Jackets

To begin with, a leather jacket is perfect with a simple combination of jeans and a t-shirt. Such an outfit is casual and comfortable, but maybe a bit too casual? A leather jacket worn over a silky blouse or a long floral dress will add some badass vibes to your usual girly look. You can go further and pair a leather jacket with silver metal hardware with torn jeans and combat boots to recreate a true biker girl look. Anyway, be sure that a nice leather jacket looks instantly chic.

5. Cardigans

A long warm cardigan is your chance to wear that light chiffon dress you dug up on the first day of spring. It can also be layered over a crop top, a shirtdress, denim shorts and all sorts of other summer clothes. A cardigan makes everything look (and feel too!) warmer and more casual. For instance, you can layer it over a formfitting evening gown of mid-length in order to make it more appropriate for daytime.

6. Jeans

Originally designed for cowboys and miners, jeans are now a wardrobe staple for any woman. Jeans are the most comfortable piece of clothing (forget about your sweatpants for now) and they go practically with everything. Jeans are very casual, but you can always dress them up with the help of the right accessories. Jeans can be worn all year round, they are practical and stylish, I like that you just can’t go wrong with a pair of jeans.

7. Faux Fur Jackets

If there is a reason to love cold and snowy winter, it is only because of the opportunity to wrap yourself in fur from top to bottom and look like a movie star. There is something mystical about a woman in a fur coat. The good news is that thanks to modern fashion industry women nowadays don’t have to pair a fur coat with a guilty conscience. In spring, as a transitional outfit, consider a faux fur jacket. It will keep you warm and add a touch of glamour to any look.

8. Skirts with fun tights

With tights, there is no need to choose fashion over function. A skirt or a dress paired with black tights and high boots is a classic combination for cooler days. However, a change of seasons is always an exciting period for me and it inspires me to be a little bit more creative with my outfits. The thing is tights don’t necessarily have to be black. They don’t even have to be monochrome! Wear striped or polka dot tights, try out floral or galaxy prints, I even dare you to pull off a pair of leopard tights this spring.

9. Scarves

A scarf is one of my most beloved accessories for all seasons. While in summer a silk scarf wrapped around your neck or even tied to a handbag handle is more of a stylish accessory, in spring it is both for warmth and fashion. You can pair a warm scarf with a coat or a jacket if the weather is really chilly or simply layer it over a dress.

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